Dr. CJ RichardDr. Carlos Jermaine Richard serves as Pastor of Tabernacle of the Congregation Ministries (TOTC) in Portland, Oregon, a vibrant and growing ministry located in the historic St. Johns Community.

Prior to establishing TOTC, Dr. Richard served as Co-Assistant Pastor with the Cathedral of Praise World Outreach Ministries (Now Oasis of Praise International) in Portland, Oregon, a member of the Board of Directors, and facilitated seminars and training sessions for ministers, church leadership, and laity.

Dr. Richard served as the Assistant Pastor at New Life Church of God in Christ in Portland, Oregon providing ministry leadership and oversight in the areas of Christian education for youth and adults, youth ministry, administration, finance, and evangelism & outreach. Dr. Richard also served in the Oregon 1st Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop A.R. Hopkins, Sr. as a member of the Jurisdiction Auxiliary in Ministries (A.I.M.), treasurer of the Jurisdiction Elder’s Council, and treasurer of the Peninsula District.

Dr. Richard received ministerial training under the leadership of Pastor Tastonga O. Moore, Co-Pastor of Grace & Truth Full Gospel Pentecostal Church in Denver, Colorado in the areas of Christian education for children, evangelism & outreach, and church Minister.

Dr. Richard also received Christian and spiritual training under the tutelage of his spiritual parents Bishop Samuel Irving, Sr. and Mother Ella Irving as a member of the Albina Church of God (now Albina Christian Life Center).

Dr. Richard currently serves in the Oregon Northwest Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop H.B. Daniels, Jr. and has completed a few initiatives that include establishing the Jurisdiction website, the implementation of the Jurisdiction prayer team, and the development of a survey tool to obtain feedback and suggestions from Jurisdiction members.

Dr. Richard was licensed and ordained by Bishop A.R. Hopkins, Sr. has over 26 years of ministerial and ecclesiastical expertise, and has had the distinct opportunity to preach, teach, conduct seminars, training sessions, give talks, and facilitate revivals in various cities in the United States.

Dr. Richard was honored to serve as Chair and Commissioner of the Oregon State Commission on Black Affairs for four years has an extensive background in diversity, cultural humility, and has received training as an Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator (IDI). Dr. Richard had the privilege of serving as Co-Chair of the 2010-2011 State of Oregon Diversity Conference representing thirteen different state agencies and has been a featured speaker at Black History Month events in the State of Oregon and United States. Dr. Richard served twenty-two years with the State of Oregon in the Department of Human Services in the area of social services and management, served as Union President for Local 503, Sub-local 202, and a Program Manager with Multnomah County. Dr. Richard currently serves as Director of the SF2020 Program with the United Way of Portland and as an adjunct professor at Warner Pacific University in Leadership and Diversity

Dr. Richard continues to expand the vision of “drcjspeaks”, a consulting and training entity that is dedicated to enhancing private, public, non-profit, and community organizations by building strong effective teams one person at a time. Drcjspeaks offers a consortium of consulting and training services designed to augment organizational efficacy and individual enhancement in the areas of Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Diversity, Team Building, Personal & Career Development, Case Management, Intimate Personal Violence (IPV/DV), Managing in a Union Environment and a host of other topics.

Dr. Richard holds an earned Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Portland State University, and earned Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Warner Pacific University, and earned Master of Divinity, and an earned Doctor of Ministry from George Fox University Portland Seminary. Dr. Richard’s Doctoral Dissertation focused on “Intimate Personal Violence in the Black Church: Bridging the Gap Between Awareness and Policy Development”. Dr. Richard was honored to receive the Distinguished Dissertation Award for outstanding dissertation work. Dr. Richard is also a published author of the book entitled “Intimate Personal Violence in the Black Church: Bridging the Gap Between Awareness and Policy Development”. This dynamic book focuses on IPV in the Black church and can be purchased through Wipf & Stock Publishing, Amazon, and on Kindle.

Dr. Richard is married to Evangelist Sharlene L. Richard and they have one daughter, Kenya L. Amos.