Tabernacle of the Congregation Ministries Liturgical Order of Service

  • The Gospel Herald
  • Scripture Declaration
  • Prayer
  • Ministry of Worship & Praise
  • Worship in Tithes & Offering
  • Announcements & Welcome
  • Musical Selection
  • Homily / Gospel Declaration

The Liturgy (Order of our worship services) is designed to exalt the name of Jesus and praise and worship God as the creator and sustainer of life. The worship of Jesus Christ is central and essential to our Christian faith and belief, every facet of the service beginning with the Gospel Herald and ending with the Homily / Gospel Declaration is set in order to lift up the name of Jesus. The words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of St. John 12: 32 state that if I (Jesus) be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. At TOTC, we strongly believe in lifting up the name of Jesus as a means of drawing individuals to God co-joined with fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus by entering into the highways and hedges and compelling the lost to come into the house of God that it may be filled.