Tabernacle of The Congregation

Dr. Carlos Jermaine Richard, Evangelist Sharlene L. Richard, and the Tabernacle Church Family welcome you to Tabernacle of the Congregation Ministries. We invite you to worship and celebrate with us each Sunday morning at 11:00 AM as we exalt the matchless name of Jesus. Tabernacle of the Congregation is a vibrant and exciting ministry located in the historic St. Johns Community.

Join us

Please accept this invitation to be our guest in one of our virtual worship services and “Connect with Us” to attend one of our virtual gatherings

Become a member

We encourage you to inquire about becoming a member.

Who we are?

A spirit-filled ministry, and when you come worship with us:

  • Clap your hands
  • Lift your voice in song
  • Stretch your hands toward God’s Throne
  • Shout for joy

We believe

That the God of salvation will lift every burden, destroy every yoke, and make you whole in every way.


To extol and magnify the name of Jesus through Christ-centered worship, praise, and preaching the uncompromising Gospel message of the Kingdom.

All the Best,

Dr. Carlos Jermaine Richard & Evangelist Sharlene L. Richard

Come inside; the Tabernacle is Waiting for you

Dr. Carlos Jermaine Richard and Evangelist Sharlene Richard